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Why I Choose to Write about Google and Its tools only?

google search engine optimization

Hello Friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here you can see that the whole theme and concept of my blog is changed. This is because I owned a new domain SEO and Website Guide where I will cover the whole topics related to Interactive website designing to Traffic Generation search engine optimization tips.

At this blog you can read the article related to Google Search Engine Optimizations, How Google Local Business Listing Can help you to Increase Rank? How you can Keep all visitor track by using Google Analytic Tool? How you can index and UN-index Pages from Google Webmaster? And all the hangout discussion related to Google.

Well my only intention to give the priority to Google is its Popularity and Number Of Visitors on google Search Page. As you all know Google is the Top search engine in the world and everyone wants to rank their blog or website on the Google first than on the other Search Engines. So as a beginner it is important to go through the deep study about google search engine and its tools.

So I decided to write about Google from Head to Toe. I mean From Creating account on google to seeing yourself on the 1st rank on Google.

I will love to share my experience and my tips and ways to use Google but at the same time I need your help and support. Keep commenting and sharing the post.

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